Curating Dance : Decolonizing Dance

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lieu:  Revue OnCurating Issue 55 / January 2023

Issue 55 / January 2023
Edited by Sigrid Gareis, Nicole Haitzinger, Jay Pather

OnCurating Issue 55 is available online at,
and as printed copies here (US) and here (DT).


Chatterjee, Sandra; Cramer, Franz Anton; Haitzinger, Nicole: Remembering Nyota Inyoka: Queering Narratives of Dance, Archive, and Biography. In: Dance Research Journal 54/2, Cambridge University Press (August 2022), 11–33. 


Del Moral, Adriana; Haitzinger, Nicole; Piña, Amanda (Eds.): Danza y frontera. Endangered Human Movements Vol. 4. Vienna, BMfB, 2022. 


Haitzinger, Nicole; Kolb, Alexandra (Eds.): Dancing Europe. Identies, Languages, Institutions. Munich: epodium, 202