Shifting and Morphing. Skills of Artistic Displays: Dance, Choreography ...

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lieu:  Linz (Autriche)

A cooperation between Limbo Arts
Studios and the Institute of Dance
Arts (IDA)

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The Cambridge Dictionary paraphrases the verb ‘to morph’ with “to gradually change, or change someone or something, from one thing to another”. Highligh- ting the metaphoric quality of the transitory as well as transient connotation of the term, the object-based ‘morphing’ brings about – as does the time-based ‘shifting’ – untried strategies and fresh artistic procedures that are operationali- zed as well as contextualized in the multiple (and distinct) media transforma- tions of e.g. doing dancing and/or video art.

Thus, the laboratory format of the artistic-academic Atelier intends to under- stand morphing and shifting as dynamic converters of knowledge production in body/movement-related arts by embracing experiments with and strategies of agency, experience and visualization in movement research, scoring, historio- graphy, praxeology... The Atelier asks about the peculiarity of non-discursive practices of thought in (dance) arts, their aesthetic obstinacy and their own validity.

The specific research topics of the contributors rehearse examples of these non-discursive practices in/as broad time-and landscapes relevant for the theo- retical negotiation of eventness in (dance) performance. They allow – on the level of content and context – fresh looks on cultural histories and personal/ professional dispositions exploring their relevance for actual artistic creation. And, in so doing, they diversify – on the level of methodology – choreographic strategies by negotiating transfers between dancing/moving and related media (scores, notation, video).